Process Builder Welcome Page Disappears

I recently had a student ask if there’s a way to get the Process Builder Welcome Page back once you build your first Process in Salesforce. There are a lot of useful reference links on that page, and unfortunately, according to these release notes, once you build your first process, you can’t bring the welcome page back.

I am currently in production on a new course and have a new Salesforce dev org with no processes built. So I decided to recreate the Process Builder Welcome Page for future reference. I hope you find this helpful!

Welcome to the Process Builder!
With the Process Builder you can easily automate everything from daily tasks, like approvals and follow-up emails, to more complex processes, like order renewals and new-hire onboarding. Click “New” above to get started.
Learn More
It takes only a few clicks to:
Select your object
An opportunity, for example.
Define your criteria
Let’s start this process when the opportunity’s stage is Closed – Won and its amount is greater than $500,000.
Choose what to automate
Let’s create a contract and associate it with the opportunity’s account, congratulate the owner by posting to the Sales Chatter group, and create a follow-up task scheduled to execute six days after the opportunity’s close date.
Activate the process
You’re done!

1 thought on “Process Builder Welcome Page Disappears

  • Hi, this is interesting that they assume you shoudl see teh page once only 🙂 The issue I faced with that is that the video actually not accessible.

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