Success Stories

Everyone's journey to a Cloud Career takes its own path, but they all began with that first step. Watch these inspiring interviews to learn how people from all walks of life got their start.

Anthony Wheeler Interview

Warning - Proud Dad Moment... In this interview, I chat with my son, Anthony Wheeler. We stroll down memory lane, starting with his first professional work that he did for me over a decade ago. We cover the beginnings of Anthony learning to code, first by learning Java and then focusing on Salesforce Development. Anthony discusses his Certification journey, starting in 2015. 

Anthony also shares more on attaining the Platform App Builder certification, as well as the Developer I and Developer II certifications.

Monika Crooks Interview

Monika shares her journey into a Cloud Career by learning Salesforce, attaining multiple certifications, attending Dreamforce, studying Trailhead, and more. Monika shares how she landed a job in the Salesforce ecosystem making a six-figure salary! This is a journey that took her less than a year and a half and led to an increase of over $50k more per year.

Cooper Pond Interview

Cooper shares his inspiring story of going from being homeless to now working as a Salesforce Administrator. 

We discuss Cooper's journey, the Salesforce Ohana, and the importance of 'paying it forward'.

David Nava Interview

I interview David Nava CSM, PMP, LSSBB - https://www.linkedin.com/in/davidnava... David shares insights and resources on how veterans can plan their transition out of the military and into the private sector. 

Stephanie Rhoades Interview

Salesforce Instructor & Cloud Career Coach Mike Wheeler interviews Stephanie Rhodes as she shares her journey to Becoming a Creator in a Consumption World and Making Her Own Experience. 

Stephanie overcame a lack of Salesforce experience and ageism to be hired as a Salesforce Administrator by a Fortune 500 company...at the age of 68 years young!