May 23

Why Salesforce is a Better Career Choice Than Amazon Web Services (AWS)


I was recently asked on my YouTube channel which platform and learning path would provide for the greatest job prospects over the next 5 years - Salesforce or Amazon Web Services (AWS). This question fascinated me, so I researched this, rather than just blurt out Salesforce. I looked to Indeed, which provides a great Job Trends tool.

I did a comparison search of just two terms:

  • Salesforce
  • Amazon

You can perform the same search by clicking here. The top graph shows the percentage of matching job postings that contain those keywords, over the past several years. Salesforce has outpaced Amazon, without fail, for over the past 4 years.

The second graph on that page reflects the Jobseeker Interest, which shows the frequency of searches on those terms by those seeking jobs. In this graph, Amazon has outpaced Salesforce for the past several years.

You can see that the job seeker interest for Amazon related jobs by job seekers has recently spiked over the past year. This points to there being a greater supply of those with Amazon skills than there is demand (see the first graph).

In conclusion, the data points to there being a greater opportunity to launch your career in the cloud if you choose Salesforce for your learning path. With that said, all cloud computing platforms are growing at exponential rates, and we are in the midst of a cloud/AI revolution - so you can't go wrong with either platform, from a career perspective. It all boils down to whichever platform clicks for you. I gravitated to the Salesforce platform, because the learning curve was more attainable for regular people (non-coders).

To learn more about Salesforce Certifications and Career Paths, enroll in my free 1.5 hour course that will help you chart your own path to a cloud career.


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