July 28

Salesforce Trailhead Leaderboard – Life Beyond Ranger


A student friend of mine, David Lechosa, recently shared that he had attained the highest level designation on Salesforce Trailhead after collecting his 100th Trailhead Badge. He mentioned that there needed to be further designations to aspire to, beyond Ranger, as he has now collected 107 badges.

For background, the Salesforce Trailhead journey begins at the Scout Level, and then progresses to Hiker, Explorer, Adventurer, Mountaineer, Expeditioner, and finally, Ranger, which denotes you have acquired 100 Badges and 50,000 Points on Trailhead. (Click here to see the Trailhead Trailblazer Rank requirements for Badges and Points.)

Did you know there's actually over 200 badges on Trailhead? There's a lot of life and learning left for those advanced Ranger reachers. Here is where the Unofficial Trailhead Leaderboard comes in. I was first alerted about this project by one of my students, Michael Rucker, from sfdc2max.com.

Here's the top 10 on the board, at the time of this writing

I apologize in advance, Trailhead addicts, because I know just by bringing news of this leaderboard to you, I have unleashed your competitive juices. Late on a Friday afternoon, please convey my sincerest apologies to your spouse, significant other, children, pets, civic leaders, etc. for the inevitable loss of your weekend.

Just remember, Rome wasn't build in a day, so keep in touch with those that matter and don't worry about falling further behind on the leaderboard. It will still be there on Monday.

How it Works - Notes from Michael Rucker, creator of the Un Official Trailhead Leaderboard

"My first iteration of the Leaderboard was updated from a .NET web app I built to web scrape public profiles and update the custom object I built in my dev org. That worked fine for a while, but my real goal was to have the web scraping automatically occur with an Apex Batch Job with pure APEX Code.

After numerous attempts I finally was able to build the job. It runs every hour to read all the profiles and current Trailhead badge counts. I've had to tweak it over time, due the the changes that occur on the Trailhead website. The app is pure Apex and Visualforce. I do not use it for any purpose other than to display Profile info that is publically available (and not hidden)."

How to Submit Yourself to the Leaderboard

Michael has instructions at the top of the leaderboard, along with a Contact link for him, if you have questions. The main thing to keep in mind is that your Trailhead profile has to be set to public, and not private.


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