Salesforce Success Story – Monika Crooks

Monika Crooks shares her journey into a Cloud Career by learning Salesforce, attaining multiple certifications, attending Dreamforce, studying Trailhead, and more.

Monika shares how she landed a job in the Salesforce ecosystem making a six-figure salary! This is a journey that took her less than a year and a half and led to an increase of over $50k more per year.

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7 thoughts on “Salesforce Success Story – Monika Crooks

  • This was really helpful as I am looking to move career working with Sales teams and the Salesforce Platform.

  • This information was very inspiring. I listen to it like 5 times in a row. I have one certification and was thinking about if i should continue because i do not have a lot of experience. It was great to hear you can take you certification course and the bootcamp course and be on your way. I am really inspired now. I have the administration certification which I took and passed in April 2018 with the studying of your course.

  • Thank you for sharing Monika’s story, it is really inspiring to see someone who has pushed through a path that I am walking on as well.

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