July 20

Registering for a Salesforce Certification Exam


There is a lot of mystery and confusion around the process of registering for Salesforce Certification exams. Although I do envision the day where Salesforce handles all of their certifications in-house via Trailhead, they are still partnering with WebAssessor as of right now. They are making inroads in moving some certification maintenance exams to Trailhead, and recently announced that they are also changing how the Platform Dev II Certification is handled, in the near future.

Until that time comes, there will continue to be a lot of questions around the benefits and drawbacks of taking the certification exams onsite vs. online, as well as how to find testing centers, how to register for and pay for exams, and even how to test your own equipment, position your webcam, etc.

I realized that I go into all of this information in a lecture towards the end of my Platform App Builder Certification course, so I decided to open that lecture up as free preview video.

In addition to the video, there are also a lot of reference links that I have included on the bottom of the page that are helpful reference materials. These are scattered here and there, and I've always had a hard time finding the proctoring guides, links to testing equipment, etc. So I hope you find this a helpful free resource in your own certification journey.

The full Platform App Builder Certification Course is a 20-hour on-demand video training course that covers every core concept you need to understand in order to pass the certification. It is also available as part of my 5 course, 42 hour Salesforce Bootcamp Bundle.

Here's to learning. See you in the cloud!



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