January 17

Platform App Builder Certification Course


I have spent the past few months putting together a massive training resource to help you get certified as a Salesforce Platform App Builder. This course contains over 20 hours of in-depth video content.

Salesforce Platform App Builder Certification Course

I structured the course to follow the Platform App Builder Study Guide, section by section. So you will find a sections in the course devoted to and corresponding with each section of the Study Guide. I go in-depth on so many oddities and curiosities of the Salesforce Platform that I have learned spending countless hours building enterprise applications for companies that span a multitude of industries. Applying these real world scenarios and sharing tips and various gotchas should give you a deeper insight on the platform and help fully prepare you for the exam.

I have also included an app of our own that we build throughout the duration of the course. We create an IMDb clone app. This app entails creating several custom objects, a lot of fields, master-detail relationships, junction objects, custom tabs, and a lot more. I thought it would be helpful to build an app throughout the course to help apply what you are learning.

I have also devoted a lecture to each of the sample exam questions that Salesforce provides in the Study Guide. I talk through how to approach exam questions, why the wording of the questions matter, and how to approach questions in a test-taking scenario.

You can enroll in this 20 hour course for just $15. That is not a typo. I want to help get you certified and also to make this training affordable to everyone.

The interest and feedback has been immense, since the course launched in early January. The course has been out just 10 days and over 700 students have already enrolled. And the reviews have been stellar - with 97% of all reviews giving the course at least 4 out of 5 stars.

You can keep the course for life. You can go at your own pace, because the course is on-demand, and I update it constantly to keep it current. You'll also find me very responsive to questions and interactive and appreciative to feedback.

You'll find the Platform App Builder Certification not only covers the classic interface, but also has sections devoted to the Salesforce1 mobile app, and also Lightning App Builder, Lightning Process Builder, and a lot more. Check out the sections of the Platform App Builder Study Guide here for a full list.


Platform App Builder Certification, Platform App Builder Study Guide

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Study Live with Mike Wheeler

During this live course journey, you will benefit from over 70 hours of blended learning. You can also get your questions answered live by Mike Wheeler. You will have access to all of the replays for a year.