February 27

Field Service Lightning is the Fastest Growing Product in Salesforce’s History


Salesforce launched their Field Service Lightning (FSL) product just two years ago. I had previously interviewed for a job in the Field Service space with ServiceMax. They had high hopes of being acquired by Salesforce to ultimately become their Field Service product, and were offering below-market salary and stock options.

Although I ended up declining their offer and GE ended up acquiring them, I have watched the Field Service space closely. I have been fascinated with how Salesforce is tackling the very complex world of Field Service.

It also did not escape my notice that a Salesforce Field Service Lightning Certification was recently launched by Salesforce. Listed as pre-requisites for that certification are the Salesforce Administrator Certification as well as the Salesforce Service Cloud Consultant Certification.

Salesforce Field Service Lightning

It appears that Salesforce has found the right formula with Field Service Lightning, because CNBC is reporting that Salesforce's Field Service Lightning, which launched just two years ago, is expected to book over $100 million in revenue this year. That would make it the fastest growing product in company history.


Field Service Lightning

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