January 14

Transitioning from the Military into a Salesforce Career – David Scott Nava MBA, PMP, CSM, LSSBB

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David Scott Nava MBA, PMP, CSM, LSSBB shares insights and resources on how veterans can plan their transition out of the military and into the private sector.

David mentions Vetforce and the Merivis Foundation as two key resources he has leveraged, in addition to my training courses and Trailhead, to attain his Salesforce Administrator certification, become a 3x Trailhead Ranger, and start working on the platform.


David Nava, Merivis Foundation, vetforce

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  • Sent a message to David via LinkedIn. I’m just 1x Trailhead Ranger – he’s a SERIOUS overachiever. I’m happy for his motivation.
    FYI – I am planning for my own certification testing (Salesforce Administrator) in March of this year. God willing, this ol’ brain will still have a few good neurons sparking which will enable me to remember all the good stuff and pass.

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