January 10

From Homeless to Salesforce Administrator – Cooper Pond

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Here is Cooper Pond, who shares his journey of going from homeless to becoming a Salesforce Administrator.

This is a very inspiring story and I first met Cooper on Twitter. This was during the past election season, when Salesforce founder Marc Benioff was actively campaigning for (and Tweeting about) Prop C in San Francisco. Cooper replied in a Tweet that he was formerly homeless and now worked as a Salesforce Administrator. Here it is, actually...

Cooper discusses in this video the Salesforce Ohana and paying it forward in his own journey off of the streets and into a Cloud Career.

Thank you, Cooper, for sharing your story and inspiring others.


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  • Mike, I really appreciate your efforts towards motivating to other people,I shared my story, am M.Tech in n Engineer & from last 10 years working as leturere in Engineering college. But when I switched my carrier to Salesforce then I realized it’s difficult to me, but still I still I worked in Salesforce organization, but I don’t know what happened with me after my probation period.
    Because My team leader said, ur programming logic is not on that standard level,
    So Mike, my question for you, after switching as anybody’s carrier after 10 years, how could he or she sustain in this field.
    Am really appreciate ur answer, coz I’m really in under pressure,
    Coz I left my senoiorty in my own oraganization.

  • Very inspiring story! I am new to salesforce and it has been a challenge for me,but with this great story of Cooper and amazing friend Yvonne Wanjiru who has been like an angel that God had sent to me, I will definitely make it. Thanks Mike Wheel for this amazing story and resources you have been sending to me it is time for me to work so hard. One of my successful friends always says that the way to the top is down and it is a time to climb the stairs one by one until I reach the there.

  • I watched this video & was really touched.
    My story is similar… homeless after a terrible divorce.
    Despite my years in Information Technology in Canada, I’ve not been able to re-establish myself back in the field after legally emigrating to the U.S.A. Hardship (barely surviving) ever since.
    IM TAKING SOME UDEMY COURSES and hopefully will become employed by a saleforce consulting company very soon so i can start my life over again.
    == Keeping my fingers crossed for that opportunity, that “hand UP” to be able to get back on my feet ==

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