Webinar Replay – Advanced Administrator Course Announcement

I held a live webinar yesterday called ‘Advancing Your Salesforce Career’. On the webinar, I revealed my new upcoming Salesforce Certification Course, which will be for the Advanced Administrator Certification.

The Advanced Administrator Certification is by far my most requested course by students and I am happy to announce that it will be releasing it soon.

You can watch the replay of the webinar below and not only learn more details about the new course, I also shared a Dreamforce recap, and how to enroll in my Salesforce Career Success Bootcamp.

And here’s a different angle of the webinar. We recorded this live using a Mevo camera and streamed this angle live to my Facebook Page. So during the screen sharing of the presentation and any videos we played during the webinar, you can see what was going on behind the scenes as I chatted with those joining from Facebook live.

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