Downloading, Installing and Configuring the Salesforce Mobile App

To download and install the Salesforce1 Mobile App on your phone, go to this webpage and enter your phone number. Salesforce will then send you a link to install the application on your phone.

You can also download and install the app directly, either from the iOS App Store (for Apple Devices) or from Google Play (for Android Devices).

Once you have the Salesforce1 app installed on your mobile device, you are ready to configure Salesforce1.

NOTE: You can just use the mobile app as it is installed with standard functionality, and not configure the app further before proceeding. The steps below are to walk you through how configuring Salesforce1 is done. You can follow along with the steps below, and either select to Skip this step to simply preview each of the 5 steps of the Salesforce1 Quick Start Wizard, or make configurations as you see fit. These steps below are not required in order to complete the remaining lectures. 

  1. On the desktop version of Salesforce, go to Setup > Salesforce1 Quick Start.
  2. Click the Launch Quick Start Wizard button. The Salesforce1 Quick Start Wizard displays.
  3. Click Let’s Get Started.
  4. The Quick Start Wizard is divided into 5 main steps:
    1. Navigation
    2. Actions
    3. Compact Layout
    4. Review
    5. Invite
  5. On the Navigation section, you can select which items you want in your Navigation menu and then click Save and Next (or click Skip This Step).
  6. In the Actions section of the Quick Start Wizard, click Arrange Global Actions. You can select which Global Actions you want to display on the Global Layout of the app and then click Save & Next.
  7. On the Compact Layout section of the Quick Start Wizard, Click Create Compact Layout. This brings up the Compact Layout for Contacts. Select the fields you wish to display in the Compact Layout for Contacts and click Save and Next (or click Skip This Step).
  8. Finally, you can Review and preview the settings you have made for your own Salesforce1 configuration, and then click Next.
  9. Don’t bother inviting other users to Salesforce1, since you are working in a free Saleforce account with no other users. Simply click Next to finish the wizard.
  10. Click Finish.

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