Top 5 Challenges to Landing Your First Salesforce Job

I have been working on my next course, which is all about helping you land your first Salesforce job. Before I finalized all of the modules, I wanted to be certain that I addressed all of the core challenges that people are facing in going from certified to hired in the Salesforce Ecosystem.

That’s why I recently released a one-question survey where I asked my students what their greatest challenges were to landing their first Salesforce job. The responses were immediate and immense. With over 750 responses coming back in just a few days, I realized that although many of my students have attained one or multiple certifications and have launched their Cloud Careers, many had become stuck.

I read each of the hundreds of responses. From that data, I was able to categorize the responses into a Top 5 list. I have created a 12-page PDF report, where I dive deep into each of the 5 greatest challenges and offer insights and tips on how you can overcome each of them.

I will be following this report up with a free video workshop where I will go even more in-depth on the top 5 challenges to your Cloud Career. To be notified when those videos become available, download the PDF report here.

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