February 9

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There's quite a few significant Salesforce items I'd like to share from this past week. We have big news from our Facebook Group, an Idea to Vote on for helping get Volunteer opportunities, Salesforce Investments in Canada, and a stronger partnership and initiatives between Salesforce and IBM.

Explosive Growth in Our Salesforce Student Facebook Group

Last week I announced that the Mike Wheeler Media Salesforce Student Group on Facebook had surpassed 1,000 members. With that announcement came an influx of new members and the group is about to surpass 1,300 members. Just this morning, I've seen several postings from students announcing they have passed certification tests. There's also advice and resources from group members to help find volunteer opportunities and jobs. There's questions being asked about other certifications and study resources. You should join here.

Vote on This Idea - Trailhead Connecting Trailblazers to Volunteer Opportunities

David Lechosa posted the idea to have Trailhead Connecting Trailblazers to Volunteer Opportunities. As many of you know, one way to give back to your community, while learning Salesforce skills and building your resume is by volunteering for a non-profit and helping them to implement Salesforce. David's idea is suggesting how Salesforce could help facilitate this for Trailblazers looking to blaze a path to a cloud career. Check it out and vote here.

The Salesforce Skills Shortage is Real

If you are currently pursuing your first Salesforce Certification and/or job, this blog post on Salesforce's own website will be eye-opening to you. The post is called 8 Tips for Finding and Retaining Top Salesforce-Skilled Talent for Your Company, by Anthony Lullo. When I point out the extreme shortage of Salesforce talent in the marketplace, thus tilting the supply vs. demand balance to that of the job-seeker, I can point to articles such as this one as further proof that Salesforce skills are very much in demand. The author also mentions the projected 3.3 million jobs to be added to the Salesforce eco-system by year 2020. The saying is hindsight is 20/20, but if you are paying attention to the Salesforce marketplace, you'll have the foresight to learn Salesforce.

Salesforce Investing $2 Billion in Canada

Salesforce CEO Marc Benioff (left) with Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau

Salesforce CEO Marc Benioff (left) with Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau

Another big news item related to Salesforce is this news that they are investing over $2 Billion dollars in Canada over the next 5 years. This is projected out to an additional 28,000 new jobs and $17 billion in new revenue in Canada by 2022.

IBM and Salesforce Strengthen Strategic Partnership

IBM and Salesforce are to deliver new solutions to enterprise customers, leveraging IBM Cloud and Watson services with Salesforce Quip and Salesforce Service Cloud Einstein.


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