Creating an App in Salesforce is Stupid Awesome Easy and Lightning Fast

Salesforce wins because they have mastered the art of easy. I first learned HTML and creating websites in the mid-1990s. In the mid-2000s, I embraced WordPress as a better way of quickly creating websites, although they were static, for the most part. When I laid eyes on Salesforce for the first time, it clicked with me immediately, because I recognized that they had figured out a superior way.

So much of the complexities around creating an application simply go away when you build it on Salesforce. I thought it might be helpful to demonstrate taking a thought in your head and making it a reality in Salesforce. The idea is to create a Mileage Tracking application, to record starting and ending mileage, along with associating these mileage records with a client account. So I hit record and winged it. This video has not been edited at all and I didn’t plan it out or script it – you’ll see me realize as I am recording that I need to add an Account Lookup field, for instance.

In roughly 10 minutes, I have created a Mileage Tracking application, that will work on the desktop, or on a mobile device via the Salesforce mobile app. This is all done with clicks instead of code. I frankly spent more time writing this blog post than I did on the actual video, so let’s let the good times roll…

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