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My Cloud Career Coaching Program has just opened for registration. It has been an amazing journey to get to this point.

It all started with a one-question survey that I released a few weeks ago, where I asked what the greatest challenge you face in launching your cloud career.

I had over 750 responses come in within a matter of days. I compiled those findings into a 12-page PDF report. In the report, I listed the Top 5 challenges that were reported and provide tips on specifically how to overcome those challenges.

Once the report came out, I felt that there was a lot more to share and teach around how to overcome those challenges. Thus was born the Launching Your Cloud Career Workshop.

The workshop consisted of three videos

  • Getting to the Frictionless Yes
  • Becoming a Creator in a Consumption World
  • Making Your Own Experience

The feedback to the videos has been amazing. There were great questions and discussion throughout. Now that the workshop is complete, I am opening registration to my Cloud Career Coaching Program.

I will be closing registration down sometime Friday and will be starting the coaching program a week later.

Watch the workshop and learn about my coaching program by going to workshop.mikewheelermedia.com

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