June 5

Coaching Program


My Cloud Career Coaching Program has just opened for registration. It has been an amazing journey to get to this point.

It all started with a one-question survey that I released a few weeks ago, where I asked what the greatest challenge you face in launching your cloud career.

I had over 750 responses come in within a matter of days. I compiled those findings into a 12-page PDF report. In the report, I listed the Top 5 challenges that were reported and provide tips on specifically how to overcome those challenges.

Once the report came out, I felt that there was a lot more to share and teach around how to overcome those challenges. Thus was born the Launching Your Cloud Career Workshop.

The workshop consisted of three videos

  • Getting to the Frictionless Yes
  • Becoming a Creator in a Consumption World
  • Making Your Own Experience

The feedback to the videos has been amazing. There were great questions and discussion throughout. Now that the workshop is complete, I am opening registration to my Cloud Career Coaching Program.

I will be closing registration down sometime Friday and will be starting the coaching program a week later.

Watch the workshop and learn about my coaching program by going to workshop.mikewheelermedia.com


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Study Live with Mike Wheeler

During this live course journey, you will benefit from over 70 hours of blended learning. You can also get your questions answered live by Mike Wheeler. You will have access to all of the replays for a year.