May 27

Salesforce Summer ’16 Key Features


As some of you may know, Salesforce releases three updates to its platform each year in the Spring, Summer, and Winter. The Summer release for 2016 just came out, and I thought it would be beneficial to go over a couple of key features that I am excited about. Enter your text here...

  • Cloning Sandboxes
  • Shared Contacts to Multiple Accounts

Cloning Sandboxes is a new way that Salesforce has provided to populate a new sandbox with the data and metadata of a previously developed sandbox. This process is now quick and simple, whereas before, it was a manual and time-consuming process. Cloning allows for "iterative development". Basically, you can stop developing in one sandbox and then pick up in the cloned one at the same point where you left off. For now, this feature is in pilot and only available to users who have agreed to specific terms and agreements. To access this feature, contact Salesforce.

Next we'll discuss Contacts to Multiple Accounts. In many Salesforce instances, there is the dilemma of a contact needing to be related to multiple accounts. Before Summer '16, this was inconvenient mainly because the only solution was to create duplicate contacts. With the update, Salesforce provides a way that reps can more easily manage this relationship between contacts and businesses. There are two new related lists that help the reps accomplish managing this relationship. On the Contact detail page, the Related Account related list now shows directly and indirectly related Contacts. The Account detail page includes the same list of direct and indirect related Contacts. Relationships can be added from these related lists.


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