Naming Roles and Profiles, Best Practices

In this video I show you the Best practices for naming roles and profiles inside of Salesforce!

For naming roles and profiles, such as should you use ‘rep’ or ‘representative’?

I don’t know that there’s necessarily a best practice. I think the main best practices when it comes to roles and profiles is to not to have too many of them.

One thing you will see in older organizations are a proliferation of profiles and roles that were created before you go there. That’s because those
Profiles were created before Permission Sets (and Permission Set Groups) existed in Salesforce.

Permission Sets came along so as to give you the ability to not create so many profiles.

As far as naming conventions go, I would recommend keeping them clear to the viewer. Be especially mindful of global organizations where language may be a barrier – so I would avoid using abbreviations.

I have also seen orgs use the word Custom as the first word in their Profile Names. That way you have an alphabetized list of all of your Custom Profiles together, and can tell at a glance that a Profile is a Custom one, based upon it’s label.

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