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I went live for my Live Salesforce Q&A Call-In Show – MikeWheelerMediaLive.com show. For this week’s show, I discussed Dreamforce and the Financial Services Cloud. I also answered roughly a dozen questions from the audience related to Salesforce Careers and Certifications and had a great time.

I spent a fair amount of time answering a question from Julie Ann regarding FinancialForce and Salesforce’s Financial Services Cloud. You may not realize that Salesforce has matured to the point of now more than a dozen industry-specific cloud solutions. This falls under their newly announced Salesforce Industries Cloud Portfolio.

I used Julie Ann’s question regarding the Financial Services Cloud as a jumping off point to demonstrate how you can take ANY of the Industry Clouds and find several resources for that specific industry. Some of the resources include Trailhead modules, Super Badges, and Admin/Implementation Guides. A little known feature of these guides are AppExchange download links for these industry apps that allow you to get hands-on experience.

Another resource you will find is the Salesforce AppExchange Partner Directory in which you can identify partner companies by industry specialty. On the live call-in show, I demonstrated how to discover their customers in order to build out a large list of job leads in your industry.

Watch this clip to see how it is done.

You can also listen on my podcast, Urelevant.

Resources Share in this clip:
Industry Cloud

AppExchange by Industry

Financial Services Cloud Admin Guide

Trailhead Financial Services Cloud Basics

Financial Services Cloud Specialist Superbadge

Download the Financial Services Cloud package

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