December 8

Salesforce Classic vs. Lightning Experience – Where Are the Gaps?


Don't get me wrong. I like Salesforce Lightning Experience. I LIKE it, but I don't LOVE it...yet. The interface for Lightning Experience is definitely better, and more modern than Salesforce Classic. And I've noticed much needed speed improvements coming to Lightning. Lightning's performance is almost living up to its name, finally. What is holding me back from fully embracing Lightning is the sheer volume of functions that are still not available in Lightning.

This lack of functionality in Lightning leads administrators and developers to have to continually switch back and forth between Lightning and Classic. I wouldn't encounter these gaps if I wasn't going all over the platform creating training courses. Let's just say that more than a few times I've encountered dead-ends with Lightning while recording lectures. All I can do is instruct students to switch to Classic to perform certain functions. With that said, Salesforce has been steadily chipping away at their very long list of gaps between Lightning and Classic.

I do understand that many functions available in Classic are simply going to be sunset, or retired and replaced with better options in Lightning. One example of this would be JavaScript buttons in Classic being killed off in favor of Quick Actions in Lightning. I don't expect every single function from Classic to make its way to Lightning, but for your reference, here's a list of help articles that address these gaps, at length, by functional area. If you follow these links, you'll find that many of them are quite lengthy.


Missing Functions in Lightning Experience, Salesforce Lightning vs. Classic

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  • Hello,
    We have been on Salesforce Classic for a while and now switched to Lightning Experience. I would like to learn more about Lightning Experience and not so much about Classic. Is this the right course for me.

  • I am planning to do a reboot of my Admin course in Lightning, although there are no real questions on the Admin certification exam that are Lightning specific. The questions are more conceptual. I do have a Lightning user course and my newer courses are filmed more in Lightning – especially the Sales and Service Cloud ones.

  • Hi Mike, I am planning to buy your udemy course having heard a lot about you on Quora and reddit. However one user commented that your ADM201 course is still in classic while the salesforce trailhead study material is in lightning. Have you / are you planning to update your course to lighting yet?

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