Salesforce Certified Service Cloud Consultant Course – Just Released

The Salesforce Certified Service Cloud Consultant Course is now out.

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Here is the course outline and a few videos from the course:
Section 1 – Introduction and Getting Started
Lecture 1. Getting Started Introduction
Lecture 2. Signing Up for a Free Salesforce Account
Lecture 3. Logging into Salesforce and Switching Between Lightning and Classic
Lecture 4. Downloading and Reviewing the Service Cloud Consultant Certification Exam Guide
Lecture 5. Assigning the Service Cloud and Knowledge User Feature Licenses
Quiz – Introduction and Getting Started Quiz

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Section 2 – Industry Knowledge
Lecture 6. Industry Knowledge Introduction
Lecture 7. Contact Center Metrics
Lecture 8. Contact Center KPIs
Lecture 9. Contact Center Business Challenges and How Salesforce Helps
Lecture 10. Use Cases and Benefits for Different Interaction Channels
Lecture 11. Challenges and Considerations for Business Continuity in the Contact Center
Lecture 12. Exam Guide Sample Question #1

Lecture 13. Types of Contact Centers and Their Business Drivers
Lecture 14. KCS Core Tenets
Lecture 15. Contact Center Components and How They Solve Business Challenges
Lecture 16. Practice Activity – Industry Knowledge Trailhead Units
Industry Knowledge Quiz
Section 3 – Implementation Strategies
Lecture 17. Implementation Strategies Introduction
Lecture 18. Typical Phases of a Service Cloud Consulting Engagement
Lecture 19. Contact Center Deployment Strategies
Lecture 20. Practice Activity – Implementation Strategies Trailhead Units
Implementation Strategies Quiz
Section 4 – Service Cloud Solution Design
Lecture 21. Service Cloud Solution Design Introduction
Lecture 22. Analyzing Customer Requirements for Service Cloud Solution Design
Lecture 23. Extending the Service Cloud with Custom Application Development and Third-Party Applications
Lecture 24. Key Components for Performance Optimization
Lecture 25. User Experience Requirements Solved by the Salesforce Service Console
Lecture 26. Service Console Custom List Views
Lecture 27. Service Console Interaction Logs
Lecture 28. Service Console Custom Components

Lecture 29. Service Console Keyboard Shortcuts
Lecture 30. Service Console Macros
Lecture 31. Service Console Integration Toolkit
Lecture 32. Adjusting the Service Console Settings
Lecture 33. Exam Guide Sample Question #2

Lecture 34. Practice Activity – Service Cloud Solution Design Trailhead Units
Service Cloud Solution Design Quiz
Section 5 – Knowledge Management
Lecture 35. Knowledge Management Introduction
Lecture 36. The Knowledge Article Lifecycle
Lecture 37. Driving Knowledge Adoption
Lecture 38. Knowledge Data Categories Configuration
Lecture 39. Creating Knowledge Article Types
Lecture 40. Turning on the Knowledge Sidebar in the Service Console
Lecture 41. Knowledge Publishing Workflow
Lecture 42. Knowledge Data Migration Strategies
Lecture 43. Knowledge vs. Solutions
Lecture 44. Exam Guide Sample Question #3

Lecture 45. Exam Guide Sample Question #5

Lecture 46. Practice Activity – Knowledge Management Trailhead Units
Knowledge Management Quiz
Section 6 – Interaction Channels
Lecture 47. Interaction Channels Introduction
Lecture 48. Understanding and Implementing Multiple Support Processes
Lecture 49. Mobile Interaction Channel
Lecture 50. Telephony (aka ‘phone’) Interaction Channel
Lecture 51. Email Interaction Channel
Lecture 52. Email to Case vs. On-Demand Email to Case
Lecture 53. Adding Emails Related List to Cases Page Layout
Lecture 54. Configuring Email Templates for Effective Case Communications
Lecture 55. Web Interaction Channel
Lecture 56. Chat Interaction Channel – Live Agent
Lecture 57. Enabling Live Agent and Creating Live Agent Users
Lecture 58. Creating Live Agent Skills
Lecture 59. Creating Live Agent Configurations
Lecture 60. Creating Live Agent Deployments
Lecture 61. Setting Up Live Agent in the Salesforce Console
Lecture 62. Creating Chat Buttons
Lecture 63. Enabling OmniChannel and Creating Service Presence Status
Lecture 64. Adding the Supervisor Panel to the Salesforce Console
Lecture 65. Social Media Interaction Channel
Lecture 66. Chatter Groups as Internal Interaction Channels
Lecture 67. Exam Guide Sample Question #4

Lecture 68. Interaction Channels UI Design Considerations
Lecture 69. Case Feed Configuration and Customization
Lecture 70. Adding and Configuring the Email Action to the Case Feed
Lecture 71. Interaction Channels Profile Design Considerations
Lecture 72. Interaction Channels Objects to Expose Design Considerations
Lecture 73. Interaction Channels Sharing Model Design Considerations
Lecture 74. Interaction Channels Reporting Design Considerations
Lecture 75. Case Feed Page Layout Assignments
Lecture 76. Practice Activity – Interaction Channels Trailhead Units
Interaction Channels Quiz
Section 7 – Case Management
Lecture 77. Case Management Introduction
Lecture 78. Designing a Case Management Solution
Lecture 79. Case Creation Design Considerations
Lecture 80. Case Queues Configuration
Lecture 81. Case Assignment Design Considerations
Lecture 82. OmniChannel for Routing of Cases
Lecture 83. Creating Service Channels for Omni-Channel
Lecture 84. Creating Routing Configurations for Omni-Channel
Lecture 85. Creating a Presence Status for Omni-Channel
Lecture 86. Creating Omni-Channel Permission Sets
Lecture 87. Adding Omni-Channel to your Service Console Footer
Lecture 88. Adding Sidebar Components to the Service Console
Lecture 89. Adding Fields to Page Layouts and Related Lists for Improved Usability
Lecture 90. Case Escalation Design Considerations
Lecture 91. Log a Call Activity Management and Call Disposition Design
Lecture 92. Case Resolution Design Considerations – Case Closure
Lecture 93. Enabling Entitlement Management for SLA Driven Case Management
Lecture 94. Improve Agent Productivity by Bundling Multiple Case Actions in Macros
Lecture 95. Field Service Lightning
Lecture 96. Visual Workflow Use Cases, Capabilities and Limitations for Case Management
Lecture 97. Creating a Self-Service Community to Increase Case Deflection
Lecture 98. Final Live Agent Configurations
Lecture 99. Practice Activity – Case Management Trailhead Units
Case Management Quiz
Section 8 – Contact Center Analytics
Lecture 100. Contact Center Analytics Introduction
Lecture 101. Contact Center Reporting Solutions
Lecture 102. Reports and Dashboards Design Considerations
Lecture 103. Practice Activity – Contact Center Analytics Trailhead Units
Contact Center Analytics Quiz
Section 9 – Integration and Data Management
Lecture 104. Integration and Data Management Introduction
Lecture 105. Design Considerations for Large Data and Transaction Volumes

Lecture 106. Contact Center Integration Patterns
Lecture 107. Practice Activity – Integration and Data Management Trailhead Units
Integration and Data Management Quiz
Section 10 – Next Steps
Lecture 108. Next Steps Introduction
Lecture 109. Registering for the Service Cloud Consultant Certification
Lecture 110. Taking the Exam – Online vs. On-site
Lecture 111. Test Taking Strategies – Improve Your Odds of Passing the First Time
Lecture 112. Final Thoughts and a Word of Thanks
Lecture 113. Bonus Lecture: Promo Codes / Website / Facebook Group / LinkedIn and More