Salesforce Administrator Certification Practice Tests

This course contains three timed practice tests of 60 questions each. That’s a total of 180 questions to help you know when you are ready to take the full exam from Salesforce. I have hand-crafted each question on these three tests very carefully. I followed the official Exam Guide by Salesforce and have followed the weighting for each of the 15 Knowledge Areas that you will be expected to know on the actual exam. This is quite simply the closest I can get to re-creating what the actual test-taking experience is like.

You will receive feedback on each question, along with the Knowledge Area that the question pertains to, as well as information on not only what the correct answer is, but also why. I also add additional insight and tips on incorrect answers, best possible answers for given scenarios, etc. I have really tried to get into the nuances of the platform to really help you unearth areas you understand well, along with areas that you should address before registering for the full exam.

Use promo code MWMPRACTICE15 to enroll for just $15 – that’s just $5 per test – or use this link:
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