Adding a Path to Case Records in Lightning Experience

With the advent of the Path functionality in Lightning Experience, which was formerly known exclusively as a Sales Path, this opened up a new and useful way of highlighting key fields and guidance for success for Salesforce users. What happened very quickly is that administrators and developers started clamoring for this Path functionality to be extended to standard and custom objects.

With the Spring ’18 release, we have a lot more standard objects as well as all custom objects now supporting the Path functionality. You can pair a path by Record Type and associate the path with any picklist on the object you choose to work with.

In this screen demo which I have just added to my Service Cloud Consultant Certification course, I show you how to add a Path to the Case object. This is once again enabling more functionality out of the box with Salesforce, where you used to have to create a Visualforce page. Paths are a powerful feature that can save both yourself and your users a lot of time.


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