Announcing Salesforce Trailhead Trailmix

Salesforce has announced Trailmix today. I have heard rumor about Trailmix, which gives anyone the ability to create and share their own recommended learning path through Trailhead. In a nutshell, this is massively huge and I am all over this. Kudos to the team for making this a reality.

I have been considering incorporating Trailhead more fully into my online courses, so I am going all in with that by creating this companion Trailmix for my Admin course, which you can access here:

Mike Wheeler Administrator Certification Trailmix


New Courses Coming!

The Sales Cloud Consultant Certification Course and Service Cloud Consultant Certification Course are now out!

Advanced Admin and Dev I courses are coming soon, as well as Practice Tests for Sales Cloud and Service Cloud.

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Although completing Trailhead trails is not required, I do recommend that you get as much hands on experience as possible on the Salesforce platform. I have found that Trailhead is a great way to get that experience as you learn, and have found that students that supplement this course with Trailhead have a greater success rate in passing the exam on the first attempt.

I will be creating these for all of my existing and upcoming courses and will embed them into the curriculum of each for students’ reference. Happy learning and see you in the cloud!

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