This Week in Salesforce Newsletter – Week 2 – 2018

In this week’s updates, I have several new videos to share that I uploaded to my YouTube channel – subscribe here.

  • Setting Up a Path in Salesforce Lightning Experience
    Paths are powerful things that can be configured on more and more objects in Salesforce. In this video, I demonstrate how to set up a Sales Path in Lightning Experience for Opportunities. Paths enable you to highlight key fields and tips for success for your Salesforce users.
  • Searching Setup in Salesforce Classic
    The Setup menu is often referred to in Salesforce tutorials and demos, but some students get confused when searching this commonly accessed area. In this video, I provide you with tips on how to access the Setup menu, and why you shouldn’t press the ENTER key.
  • Knowledge Areas of the Salesforce Administrator Certification Exam
    Salesforce recently condensed down the Knowledge Areas in the Administrator Exam, down from 15 to 12. In this video, I explain what happened and what’s been combined. Salesforce made this change in the Summer ’17 release and I recorded this video at that time, and promptly forgot about it until last week. I did update my Administrator Course and Admin Practice Test course at that time, but this info still holds true for the Winter ’18 release, so I thought I’d go ahead and share it.

Also, here is a helpful video from Salesforce, which they released recently. It’s an updated version of their infamous Who Sees What series, this time for Lightning Experience!


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